Testing Is Not A 9 to 5 Job

Testing Is Not A 9 to 5 Job
When you hear the name “Michael Phelps” what comes to mind? Do you remember the last summary Olympics as we all watched Michael Phelps became one of the most talked about Olympians on the planet? He left the Olympics with more gold medals than any other competitor in history. We spent weeks watching as he won gold medals over and over. He made it look easy. Just another day in the pool for Phelps, right? Not really…

It’s easy for us to imagine that athletes such as Phelps are born winners. It’s easy to think that it’s in their DNA to experience such greatness. While Phelps showed us his mastery in swimming for a few weeks in the Olympics, the thing that many people fail to realize is how much he prepared for these events for months and years. He spent day after day practicing, refining his techniques, modifying his strategies, and improving his results.

Being an expert tester is no different. While the art and craft of testing and being a thinking tester is something that is built within you, simply going to work every day and being a tester is not always enough. Often, testers are called upon to do things day to day that take them away from actual “testing work”. Whether its meetings, company events, or other non-testing distractions, a tester’s day may be so filled with distractions that they are unable to do what they do best, TEST!

Each of us have the opportunity to become “gold medal testers” by practicing, studying, refining our skills, and building our craft.

I am excited to be giving a session, at the upcoming STPCon in September, called “Testing is Not a 9 to 5 Job”. As part of this session, I will be sharing inputs from testers around the world, providing their suggestions (and mine) on extracurricular activities and studies that can help testers grow in their craft. We will look at suggestions for how each attendee can become more involved in the growing testing community.

To all the test professionals out there – I would like your inputs which I will use as part of the presentation I am doing at STPCon in September.

I have a very short survey that will take about 5 minutes to complete. Below is the link:

For all those that have already taken the survey, THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you haven’t taken it yet, I hope to get your inputs this week!

And most of all, I hope to see you at STPCon in September!

Mike Lyles