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Beaufort Fairmont, LCC
Beaufort Fairmont focuses on Test Automation. We help teams solve problems like “how do we automate our regression suite?” and “how do we sync-up testing and development in agile environments?”. We do this in 3 ways:

  • Consulting, understanding the product, team, and constraints and plotting a course forward;
  • Training, formal classroom training or coaching on open source tools or concepts such as “the fundamentals of test automation”; and finally,
  • Project Work and staff augmentation.

We eat, sleep, and breath testing and test automation. That’s what sets us apart from typical staff augmentation and consulting companies. We know test automation because we’ve spent our careers here. Our people have strong technical backgrounds, many times software engineers, who focus exclusively on the problem-set of software testing.

We love helping teams implement Continuous Integration & Agile Testing. We enjoy helping companies use their people for what people are good at, and their machines for the rest!

Call us today at 984.244.2313 or find us at the conference to talk through your test automation challenges!

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