Beaufort Fairmont

Beaufort Fairmont focuses on Test Automation. We help teams solve problems like “how do we automate our regression suite?” and “how do we sync-up testing and development in agile environments?”. We do this in 3 ways: Consulting, understanding the product, team, and constraints and plotting a course forward; Training, formal classroom training or coaching on […]

DC Agile Software Testing Group – DCAST

DCAST was created to develop a community of those interested in agile software testing and how to be more effective and efficient in producing products of high quality. This community is a safe and supportive space for people to engage in furthering their career in testing, share ideas, and to learn from others how to […]


LogiGear LogiGear is a boutique software testing and software development company, and developer of the TestArchitect keyword-driven test automation framework. With a no-coding approach, TestArchitect helps improve automated testing in Agile development by enabling early test development, reducing the time to create and maintain reliable test automation. To get a free copy of TestArchitect, visit […]