Peter Kim

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An experienced QA/Test Manager with a technical background in software engineering and large-scale real-time systems, Peter Kim has amassed 10+ years of hands-on experience in various organizations, from start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, to starting his own successful consulting firm. Peter enjoys writing test applications/frameworks, leveraging both COTS and open source technologies such as .NET, Java, Ruby, and Node.js. He’s recently open sourced an advanced automation framework called ScoutUI that provides application modeling, integration/functional/visual testing+. If you’ve ever flown to the Asia Pacific, chances are that your flight was made safer from real-time applications that Peter helped design and test. Peter fuels his passion for software test design and patterns by collaborating with automation engineering and security testing communities, as well as continually designing dynamic test frameworks. Those frameworks empower QA to shift closer to developers by moving beyond typical functional testing into the close quarters of unit testing. After working in both dysfunctional and successful development/QA teams, Peter finds the challenges of driving change more important than the ones imposed by the project’s technical aspects. To Peter, being a change agent is to be capable of providing a technology-driven roadmap and vision, while being transparent in critically evaluating oneself and others to ensure mediocrity is never an option.

Speaker Details:

Peter Kim – Senior Engineer, Concur (a SAP Company)
LinkedIn: Peter Kim
Past Events: STPCon, DCAST
Other: Telerik Live Sessions, Test Talks with Joe Colantionio, Visual Test Automation, Automation Guild

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