Workshop: Testing Without Requirements

Is your team using requirements as the basis for testing? What kind of testing do you do going beyond requirements? Has it occurred to you ever that the requirements may not be enough or may not be correct?

Moving a step further – what if no formal requirements are given – How would you approach your testing then? Does there exist a scientific method of testing without requirements which can be depended on to find the critical defects in time?

One such approach for testing is Context Driven Testing.

If you’re like the majority testers, you may be aware of the term and may believe in the context driven approach. However, if you are unsure how to integrate it within your practice, and also, is there a conversion process or integration for your team that practices traditional requirements based testing and wants to go context driven now.

This workshop will appeal to testers with every level of experience with CDT. If you’re unsure what CDT is, but want to better understand how it works, you should attend. If you’re aware of CDT and how it can transform your testing practice, but unsure how to implement it, you should attend. If your team is using CDT but you want to look for ways to continually improve and expand your practice, you should attend.

We will cover many hands-on team exercises within this workshop, focused on providing each attendee an increased confidence and understanding of how context driven testing can help them be an awesome thinking tester!

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Testing without requirements – different ways to test when no or insufficient formal requirements are given.
  • Suggestions, for teams that are not currently using CDT, on how to integrate CDT into your current practice – in a phased approach that will bring value to your testing.
  • Thought provoking exercises that will help everyone, from the new, the experienced, and the expert context driven testers, to improve their skillsets and share with their teams.

Strategy Workshop
Location: Layton Date: September 26, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Smita Mishra Smita Mishra