Workshop: Leadership Roundtable – Leading the Next Generation of Software Testers

It has been said “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. The world has experienced many changes over the last few decades, and organizations must respond to this constant change at much greater speed than ever before.

Many companies are eliminating the role of the test manager and creating flat organizations that are equally focused on combining the roles of development and testing into one hybrid function. Being a leader does not require someone to have the title of manager. You can lead from all levels within the organization.

In addition to hierarchy changes, we are seeing an increase in senior leadership with little or no experience in testing. This requires testers to educate, inform, and ‘manage up’ to support the senior leadership and to build successful strategies.

Being a successful tester today requires an understanding of the multiple channels within the organization. Everyone within the team must learn how to clearly communicate the value of testing and its importance to the delivery of a successful product. Collaboration with all teams external to testing becomes critical.

Mike Lyles will lead a discussion on leadership at all levels within testing organizations. Attendees will be called on to give their experiences, to discuss and debate the problems (as well as propose solutions) that we face today. Come prepared to give your insights as well as learn something new!

This highly interactive workshop will be broken into two parts with the following takeaways:

Part 1: Current State Assessment

  • Review the challenges, obstacles, and issues that organizations face today.
  • Discuss things that are working for some organizations and not for others.
  • Review issues and observations reported by leaders in the testing community.
  • Determine suggestions on approaches to solve common problems faced by testing teams.

Part 2: Future State Projection

  • Discuss the future of testing organizations – as determined by class inputs.
  • Evaluate the various approaches that many organizations are taking today.
  • Review new ways of defining, driving, and reporting on the testing practice to grow and improve.
  • Suggestions for how testers can lead upward, sideways, and down through the organization.
  • Document and share results with the audience – to take back and immediately use in their organizations.

Leadership Strategy Workshop
Location: Cirrus C/D Date: September 26, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Mike Lyles