The Renaissance Tester – Becoming Leonardo da Vinci

What is a tester? More to the point, what are the characteristics of someone who is focused on quality—do they just test? The traditional definition of a tester continues to change. The demands are different than they were only a few years ago. Now the mantra is QA is not needed because developers can do everything–which is also not true. There are books and webinars on the how to survive in Agile or DevOps as a tester and others that claim that the testing profession is dead. But I am here to say that the demise of the quality professional is quite premature. The singular focused tester is, however, on the brink of extinction. The solution?? Become the renaissance tester.

Leonardo da Vinci is known as the ultimate Renaissance man. He was an inventor, a sculptor, a painter, a scientist, an architect and a writer amongst other avocations. As we reinvent ourselves in the quality profession, we would do well to emulate da Vinci.

We need breadth of skills and techniques across multiple disciplines without becoming narrowly focused experts. Experimenting, designing, inventing are all practices we need to exercise.

The takeaways from this presentation include approaches to becoming a renaissance tester—where to focus and how to take the first steps. In addition, how to showcase our value across the organization will be discussed. Finally, examples of setting goals and objectives will be presented, enabling you to continue on the journey to becoming a renaissance tester.

Session Takeaways:

  • Understanding how the current state of testing has evolved.
  • Learning what new approaches and techniques are needed to deliver quality customer value.
  • Seeing where to start and steps to take to continue on the journey to being a renaissance tester.

Leadership Strategy
Location: Cirrus A Date: September 28, 2017 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Jim Sivak