More QQ, Less Pew-Pew: Performance Testing Without Using Load Tools

To many people, Performance Testing is synonymous with Load Testing. In fact, Load Testing is just a subset of Performance Testing, as there are other techniques for assessing performance that don’t involve load simulation. There are several tools that any tester can use to measure, record, assess, and report software performance.

Load Testing is expensive, time-consuming, requires specialized skills and tools – and only tells part of the story. Load Tools cannot predict user experience and response times, only reveal scalability and reliability characteristics of a given deployed system. Modern web application response time has much more to do with client-side code in the browser than the server requests – yet that is all that is measured (under optimal network conditions) by crudely modeled load simulations.

Come to this session to learn more about how you can advocate for your users’ experience, use easily available tools to produce actionable information on your application’s performance, and help make performance part of your culture.

Performance Strategy
Location: Cirrus C/D Date: September 28, 2017 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am ERic Proegler Eric Proegler