DEMO: How to Test a Complex ERP Application using a Data-Driven Framework

Have you been tasked with testing a complex application with thousands of tests, complex data grids and many different test scenarios? Did you have a team comprising both domain experts and automation engineers, and wonder how to get them to work together?

The session will discuss the challenges with testing a complex MS Dynamics ERP installation, how to ensure that critical business use cases can be tested using automation tools to reduce the time to deploy updates and configuration changes. We will cover both a traditional on-premise ERP application (Dynamics AX 2012) and a cloud-hosted SaaS solution (Dynamics 365).

It will also demonstrate how this can be accomplished using a model-based, data-driven framework that can be understood by both industry experts and automation engineers. It will also cover how to ensure you have complete requirements test coverage of the different business use cases and process flows.

Session Takeaways:

  • How to create robust automated tests for a complex desktop and web ERP application
  • The ease of use and flexibility of the Rapise Visual Language (RVL)
  • The benefits of using an integrated test management system to ensure complete coverage


Automation Sponsor Demo
Location: Rockbridge Date: September 29, 2017 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Adam Sandman - Inflectra Adam Sandman