In this track you will learn practical skills, tools, and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests.

DEMO: How QA Helped Outlook Mobile Reach 100 Million Users

QA’s impact on the customer experience can make or break a product — something not lost on leaders at Microsoft, like Partner Director of Engineering Kevin Henrikson. In his role, Kevin leads engineering on Outlook Mobile, one of the company’s most successful mobile apps. Join Testlio’s CEO, Kristel Kruustük as she sits down with Kevin […]

Workshop: Infuriatingly Fun Performance Puzzlers

Have you ever been stumped by a performance issue? And everyone is looking at you to be the genius who knows everything about performance? It’s a situation that we may find ourselves in frequently, but never get a chance to practice fully before we end up in the hot seat. This workshop will help you […]

More QQ, Less Pew-Pew: Performance Testing Without Using Load Tools

To many people, Performance Testing is synonymous with Load Testing. In fact, Load Testing is just a subset of Performance Testing, as there are other techniques for assessing performance that don’t involve load simulation. There are several tools that any tester can use to measure, record, assess, and report software performance. Load Testing is expensive, […]

Ask a Performance Question

Performance engineering is often tasked with the identification of patterns which lead to poor application performance. No matter the development and operational model you have in your organization (Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, Short Waterfall, …), poor application performance has a surprisingly common root cause. It is just as surprising that a small modification in how you […]

Workshop: Finding Performance Defects in the Application Exhaust

Finding configuration and use issues which rob your system of optimal performance can be difficult even under optimal conditions. For this session, we will be leveraging big data practices to examine HTTP access logs for common issues related to use and configuration which result in slow client response times. The class will present an overview […]

Workshop: Performance Testing 101

Who wants to learn about Performance Testing? Perhaps you’ve been nominteered to establish a performance testing practice. Maybe you’ve experienced a performance problem and want to address this risk in the future. It could even be that you are ready to take your career ahead another step. However, you’ve arrived here, let’s get you started […]

Workshop: Continuous Performance Testing

Modern practices for software design, development, deployment and operations emphasize the importance of bringing all disciplines together into a fantasmagorical system of systemized automation. Yet, no matter how many combinations cool tools and hip scripts you pull together when it comes to performance there are some critical techniques that can help to amplify the value […]

Performance Testing in a DevOps World

Learn about overcoming the challenges of transforming to DevOps with performance in mind. What, how, and when you measure all changes in a DevOps world, and with increased automation everything moves faster, and decisions to act and react can happen even without a performance engineer’s explicit approval. How can you leverage your performance engineering expertise […]

PerfBytes Live at STPCon Fall 2017

Join Us Thursday night for a LIVE Podcast from STPCon! Ever had a question about performance testing? Ever wanted to just complain about the lack of load testing on your favorite websites as they buckle and crash under heavy load? Come and join the live audience of the PerfBytes podcast! Win prizes, learn about performance […]