Developing and testing software for mobile devices presents its own set of challenges. In this track participants will learn mobile testing techniques from real-world experiences as presented by a selection of industry experts.

Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms for Mobile Testing

With the rapid advance of mobile computing technology, there is a significant demand for mobile application testing on real devices. In mobile app testing, Mobile Device Management is playing a vital role and understanding the challenges in Mobile Device Management is as important as solving them. In order to avoid Device specific problems, test automation […]

Mobile Testing – It Is Not That Different At All

In my years of doing mobile testing and connecting with colleagues through meet-ups, blogs, articles, and conferences, a common theme has always emerged: Testers are nervous or skeptical about getting into mobile testing. I have often heard testers say mobile testing entails a totally different thought process from other types of testing, and they believe […]

Workshop: De-Mystifying Mobile Application Testing

As mobile devices, tools, operating systems, and web technologies rapidly evolve, testers must quickly adapt their thinking in this changing domain. Testers often struggle to find important vulnerabilities and bugs in mobile applications due to lack of guidance, experience, and the right resources. I was one such tester. During my career in the mobile testing […]