DEMO: How QA Helped Outlook Mobile Reach 100 Million Users

QA’s impact on the customer experience can make or break a product — something not lost on leaders at Microsoft, like Partner Director of Engineering Kevin Henrikson. In his role, Kevin leads engineering on Outlook Mobile, one of the company’s most successful mobile apps. Join Testlio’s CEO, Kristel Kruustük as she sits down with Kevin […]

DEMO: Automated Testing Made Awesome with Sauce Labs

As engineering organizations make the shift from waterfall to Agile development practices, they find that one of the most difficult, and expensive bottlenecks to achieving true CI/CD is automated testing. This presentation will show how to get this critical piece of your pipeline right, and properly implement automated testing in a DevOps environment. Kevin Berg, […]

DEMO: Start Automating Today with the Framework Built for Tomorrow

As organizations transition to agile development models, test automation becomes increasingly important. Where do you start? Regardless of the “tool” you decide to use, you need to be able to integrate your automated tests into Continuous Integration workflows to attain Continuous Test. We will demonstrate the Magenic Automation Quick Start framework, and its integration with […]

Selenium Tests, the Object Oriented Way

When you are writing Selenium tests to check for elements on your page, by taking the classic approach (checking for each element’s properties at a time), you might get to a large number of assert steps. This increases the lines of code your tests have, make the tests difficult to maintain and tricky to read. […]

Workshop: Test Architect Boot Camp

What is a “Test Architect”? At Siemens, we have invented this new key role by defining the responsibilities and tasks of a test architect and this interactive workshop is about our journey to establish this new key role within the company. Imagine that you build a system with 10 million lines of code. To be […]

Experiences Bringing Continuous Delivery to a DoD Project

Not every continuous delivery initiative starts with someone saying “drop everything. Let’s do DevOps.” Sometimes you have grow your practice incrementally. And sometimes, you don’t set out to grow a practice at all– you are just fixing problems with your process, trying to make things better. I’ll walk through a case study of how our […]

Workshop: Test Case Design Intensive – Back to Basics

Many testers think they know how to write test cases. Writing great test cases is difficult but they are a valuable asset. In the new normal of Agile, continuous testing, rapid delivery, “automate everything,” lean documentation development lifecycles- you may not think there is time for thoughtful, intelligent test design. It is essential. Excellent test […]

Mobile Testing – It Is Not That Different At All

In my years of doing mobile testing and connecting with colleagues through meet-ups, blogs, articles, and conferences, a common theme has always emerged: Testers are nervous or skeptical about getting into mobile testing. I have often heard testers say mobile testing entails a totally different thought process from other types of testing, and they believe […]