Listen to “STP Radio with Peter Kim & Cynthia Wu of DCAST” on Spreaker. STPCon is giving DCAST the amazing opportunity to host a Meetup at the conference. You don’t need to be an attendee of the conference to come to this event. If you aren’t able to go to STPCon this your chance to […]

Ask a Performance Question

Performance engineering is often tasked with the identification of patterns which lead to poor application performance. No matter the development and operational model you have in your organization (Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, Short Waterfall, …), poor application performance has a surprisingly common root cause. It is just as surprising that a small modification in how you […]

Games Testers Play to Improve QA!

This uber interactive presentation will incorporate games, puzzles, brainteasers and fun to educate you on several cost-effective strategies you can use to improve the skills of your team, the QA and software testing processes within your organization, and the overall quality of your applications! A focus will be placed on strategies and techniques that can […]

How To Get What You Want From Testing

You’re a manager, or a developer, a tester, or someone else working on software-based product or service. Where does testing fit? What’s the difference between testing and quality assurance and quality control? What can testing do for you? What kind of questions should you ask the testers? How do you get the best value out […]

Workshop: Testing Without Requirements

Is your team using requirements as the basis for testing? What kind of testing do you do going beyond requirements? Has it occurred to you ever that the requirements may not be enough or may not be correct? Moving a step further – what if no formal requirements are given – How would you approach […]

Workshop: Finding Performance Defects in the Application Exhaust

Finding configuration and use issues which rob your system of optimal performance can be difficult even under optimal conditions. For this session, we will be leveraging big data practices to examine HTTP access logs for common issues related to use and configuration which result in slow client response times. The class will present an overview […]

BDD in JavaScript with Cucumber and Nemo

Let’s explore how PayPal has integrated Cucumber to its open-source selenium testing framework, Nemo. Join us for a live demonstration and a walkthrough of the open-source framework and its architecture including Selenium JavaScript Page Objects, Cucumber HTML reports, Parallel executions for single and multi-browsers, Sauce Labs integration and finally, get started writing your first cucumber […]

Test Your Own Stuff

Dependencies are present in every project; some code over here needs code over there, and we can’t be sure the code over here works until the code over there is done! Well, sure, that makes a kind of sense. But often teams take this to an extreme; they allow themselves to become blocked, or even […]

Workshop: Finding Efficiencies in Software Testing

Many of us feel like we never have enough time to fully test in a given sprint, cycle or other time frame. We plan for the best-case scenario, but, undoubtedly, something happens with our best-laid plans that cause us to feel like we “just didn’t test enough.” In this workshop, we will discuss relevant areas […]