Test Automation in a Left Shifting World

Software has continued to grow in complexity and sheer size while often times requiring shorter and shorter release schedules. One solution to these market pressures has been the “Shift Left” methodology of product development. An essential piece of this approach is test automation. Test sooner and more often is the rallying cry of “Shift Lefters” […]

A Testers Guide to Collaborating with Product Owners

In Scrum the Product Owner is relatively starkly defined. They are the owner of the Product Backlog and represent the “customer”. In many organizations, they “go it alone”, trying their best to represent business needs for their teams. What’s often missing in this approach is a wonderful collaborative connection between the teams’ testers and the […]

Which Tests Should We Automate?

More and more teams are coming to the realization that automating every single test may not be the best approach. However, it’s often difficult to determine which tests should be automated and which ones are not worth it. When asked “which tests should we automate?”, my answer is always “it depends”. Several factors should be […]

The Renaissance Tester – Becoming Leonardo da Vinci

What is a tester? More to the point, what are the characteristics of someone who is focused on quality—do they just test? The traditional definition of a tester continues to change. The demands are different than they were only a few years ago. Now the mantra is QA is not needed because developers can do […]

Rapid Software Testing in Agile Contexts

Over the last several years, a set of ideas and activities have been dumped into a big bucket called “Agile software development”. Agile development has hit mainstream recognition. Yet there is often uncertainty and turmoil around what “Agile development” means, in theory and in practice, and the confusion affects Agile projects and the people in […]

Workshop: ACCelerate Your Agile Testing

One of the most pervasive questions I’m asked by people testing within an agile environment is how to perform test planning and execute on that plan successfully when you’ve only got two weeks for a sprint – and you’re usually asked to start before specifications and other work is solidified – and things change midway […]

Workshop: Critical Thinking About Numbers and Metrics

Bugs that could have been found in requirements gathering cost 1000 times more when found in production. Testing costs 40% of the total development effort. When the fix rate trendline crosses the failure rate trendline, it’s time to release the product. The ROI of testing can be calculated by a straightforward formula. Risk = Probability […]

Workshop: Critical Thinking Skills for Testers

Every test must have an expected, predicted result. Effective testing requires complete, clear, consistent, and unambiguous specifications. Bugs found earlier cost less to fix than bugs found later. Testers are the quality gatekeepers for a product. Repeated tests are fundamentally more valuable. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Testing at boundary values is the […]

Storytelling: The Magical First Steps of Automated Testing

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, a poor tester longed for a better day when her testing chores would be completed by enchanted scripts and magical checking bots… Join us and be taken away to a land where dreams of coded testing become reality – IF you know where to start! Over […]

Automation – We’re Doing it Wrong

There are many “miss”-conceptions and “miss” -perceptions around automation as it pertains to software testing. The term automation as it pertains to software testing has been a driving force in defining the software testing industry. For many years, we’ve used it as a catch-all to determine whether a tester, testing team, or IT organization is […]